Newsletter IV, Winter 2011-12

The first quarter of 2012 was very busy for Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti (FHHH). We have been actively pursuing and investigating funding sources for our healthcare projects, establishing relationships and collaborative efforts to bring better services to our patients and planning medical trips for 2012. We held our first fundraising gala, and had a groundbreaking ceremony at L’Ile-a-Vache, the prospective site of one of our clinics.

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The first annual fundraising was held on March 10, 2012 at the Adria Hotel in New York. The well-attended event allowed FHHH to present their achievements, progress, and plans to their supporters. The generosity of the attendees will go a long way in assisting FHHH reach its goal of constructing permanent medical clinics in Haiti this year.

FHHH embarked on an ambitious and aggressive grant search and submission to ensure that we can proceed with our plans to bring healthcare to those who so desperately need it. We will seek funding from organizations and agencies who share our vision and goals of providing healthcare and supporting the poor.

In March, FHHH conducted its first medical trip for 2012.
Founding members, Dr. Yolaine and Dr. Emmanuel St. Louis were joined by members Christine and Frantz Mevs, Franz Nicolas, two volunteers, Tarik and Emmanuelle Turner, and our photographer Philippe St. Louis. At L’Ile-a-Vache, we were warmly welcomed in the home of FHHH members Josiane and Elie Czaykowsky.

In keeping with our continued effort to bring comprehensive healthcare to the population we serve, FHHH supported and aided a group of dental students from New York University and UMDNJ who conducted their first dental intervention trip at l’Ile-a-Vache. Our goal is for our communities to have access to dental and ancillary care. As such, we were glad to collaborate with this young group of dentists and look forward to establishing ties with any group committed to helping the people of Haiti.

We visited local schools and an orphanage in L’Ile-a-Vache. Sister Flora, the nun who runs the orphanage, was very happy to receive the clothes and supplies FHHH donated to the children in her care. FHHH conducted medical clinics where our staff saw nearly 200 patients in a day. A variety of ailments were treated. Free medications were provided.

From Ile-a-Vache, we continued to Carries, where our group was welcomed by FHHH’s Haiti liaison Lynotte Joseph, who arranged for our staff to conduct medical clinics. Our staff and volunteers worked tirelessly and saw over 200 patients per day. Free medications, clothes, toiletries, and toys were distributed. The plans for the construction of FHHH’s clinic at Carries are moving along well.

The need for care remains GREAT. With each medical trip we get inquiries from a different locality in need. The largess of our supporters and partners allowed us to provide free medications for acute need and for those with chronic illnesses for 3 months or longer. Thank you for your continued support. Together we can make a difference.


FHHH grew from the experiences from our first trip in January 2010.

At FHHH we feel that healthcare is a human right. As such we want to ensure that all of those in Haiti who need it will have access to quality and compassionate healthcare.

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