Newsletter V, Spring 2012

One month after its last visit, FHHH conducted another medical mission trip in April 2012. Our Haiti liaison, Lynotte Joseph, made the arrangements and coordinated the details of our trip to Carries located in the area known as Cote Des Arcadins. This was to be our 6th medical mission trip to the area. FHHH founding member Lesly Honore was joined by his wife Virginie Hilaire-Honore and their 3 children Virline, Lesly, and Tamar ages 6 to 16. They wanted the children to experience the value and rewards of doing humanitarian work and the joy of helping others. Our newest member, Dr. Miriam Germain, and volunteers Doctors Aurelie Glles and Barth Mars accompanied them in our mission to make a difference in the lives of those who need so much.

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Our team began their mission by seeing patients in a school run by Mrs. Joseph and the Grace Project. Dr. Germain, a pediatrician, saw about 100 children with a variety of conditions: undernitrition, failure to thrive, skin infections, and congenital malformation. The team also saw over 100 adults; they treated new cases of high blood pressure, acute infections, GI and respiratory problems.

As in all of FHHH medical trips patients received free medical care and free medications; those with chronic illnesses where given a 3 month supply of their medication. Screening for high blood pressure and diabetes was done for all adults. Toys and toiletries were distributed to the patients as they waited to be seen. Our 3 young volunteers were kept busy distributing toys and toiletries and helped in the dispensing of medication and registration of patients.

As in all regions in Haiti, the need for healthcare is great. Mrs. L Joseph arranged for our team to conduct a one day medical clinic in another region of Carries called Kaliko. Out team drove the short distance to a makeshift thatched roof church where they were met by long lines. Out team was touched by the apparent extreme poverty, need, and yet dignity of the so many who waited so patiently to be seen. This only reiterated our resolve to extend our help to them. As we experienced in other locations, malnutrition, under nutrition were rampant as were undiagnosed and untreated conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and developmental issues. FHHH provided care to nearly 200 residents of Kaliko. Consistent with our mission of providing more than just medical care, Dr. Honore also had the pleasure of meeting with a group involved in a soccer club for young people. He contributed soccer balls and soccer shoes to children. His donations were immensely appreciated and put to immediate use. Due to the generosity of our partners, we were able to distribute medication and treat the myriad of conditions we saw.

Out team also visited an orphanage, Grace Project that is run by Mrs. Joseph. They left medication with the nurse who oversees the medical care of the children. We also donated clothes, formula, pedialyte, and medicine to the orphanage.

FHHH aims to start the construction of a permanent clinic in Carries soon. This will finally provide to the residents of the region access to free, quality and continuous care. Our clinic will have a well stock pharmacy, which will enable us to continue with our free medication distribution. Our community center will enable us to continue our support of this population with such great needs.

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Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti, FHHH was born form the experiences from our first trip in January 2010.

At FHHH we feel that healthcare is a human right. As such we want to ensure that all of those in Haiti who need it will have access to quality and compassionate healthcare.

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