Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti foster partnership and collaboration with like-minded organizations, local, national and international organizations to improve our capabilities and the quality of healthcare we provide to vulnerable communities. Collaboration with organizations and governmental agencies is always a central part of FHHH’s work in the field.

The renovation of our clinic at Ile a Vaches was in part due to a donation from the Minister of Tourism. This allowed us to have a facility where minor surgery, deliveries, X-ray, laboratory tests, emergency care can be provided.

We report data from our deworming and Vitamin A distribution to the Minister of Health so that the care and treatment we provide is part of the database for the country. We are making arrangements to become an immunization distribution center for MSPP. Our nurses attended training classes provided by the Minister of Health on vaccination, family planning, and other public health issues.

We sustained our partnership with organizations such as Kakok Foundation, Forgotten Children of Haiti, Mission of Grace Church, St. Francois D’ Assisi Orphanage in Ile a Vaches, and Soul of Haiti which has allowed us to broaden the help we are able to give to the communities we serve.

We forged new partnership with organizations such as Links Delaware Chapter who provided book bags and supplies to 300 students as well toiletries to women served in our clinic. We continue to work with multiple groups from the US who conduct medical missions in Haiti and use our facilities.

We received a substantial 2-year grant from W.K. Kellogg foundation in which allowed us to enhance the care we deliver to our pediatric patients. We also we received grants From Vitamin Angels which allowed us to distribute Vitamin A, deworming medication, multivitamins to 4000 children, and prenatal vitamins to 600 women.

We continue receiving support and donation in kind from CMMB, AmeriCares, Brother’s brother, and MAP. We are gratified by the donations of the many private individuals in the US and Haiti who donate clothes, foods, and goods for distribution in the communities we serve.

We strive to be an active presence in the community as such FHHH sponsored the annual summer soccer championship on Ile a Vaches. We established a plan for the Minister of Tourism to provide emergency care in our facilities for visiting tourists in the region of Ile a Vaches.


25% of regions in Haiti have no access at all to any health care facilities with another 22% having access to facilities that do not function fully. 75% of healthcare facilities are clinics or dispensary (both private and public) with only 7,375 hospital beds for a population of over 10 million. It should also be also noted that half of these beds are in or near the capital, Port-au-Prince. 

Centre de Santé de Kakok


In 2014 the construction of our new facility at kakok started. Our 2 room rural clinic was transformed into a state of the art facility with a 3- bed emergency room, a consultation room, a delivery room, a fully stocked pharmacy, a fully functioning lab and X-ray machine. Local workers who thus participated in the making of the place where they and their families will get their healthcare constructed the facility.

Transportation to Ile a Vaches is challenging. Supplies and equipment from the US must first be sent to Port-au-Prince, put on trucks for the four hour drive to Les Cayee, then on boats for the 45 minutes boat ride to Ile a Vaches.  Once on the beach all materials have to be taken up a small hill to the clinic.  In June 2015 our resourcefulness, resilience, and patience were put to a test when we had to deliver a 20 feet container full of medical supplies and equipment as well as office supplies and medications to fully stock our new clinic.  After much suspense and hard work the barges full of materials were dropped on the beach bellow the facility. Luckily the people of the community came out to help and men, women and even children carried material up the hill. It was a site to behold, little children carrying small packages such a box of gloves repeatedly or groups of men struggling to carry the over 1000 pounds new generator.


The new facility was inaugurated in July 2015. The people of Kakok proudly call the clinic “our hospital” as it is the biggest medical facility that most of them have ever seen. The number of patients seeking care in our clinic increases every week. People walk for hours from the other side of the island to get the free quality care we offer. Our delivery room has been busy; we even had our first delivery of twins. The first baby born in our clinic was named after our CEO.

In September Dr. Kevin Tempany an ophthalmologist from Ireland visited our clinic. He conducted the first vision clinic on the island. He donated equipment for full ophthalmic and vision exam to our clinic. This will allow visiting ophthalmologists to continue providing this much needed care. We continue to add services to offered at both of our facilities.  Visiting groups of specialist is one way to offer services not readily available to poor underserved communities. 



Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti, FHHH was born form the experiences from our first trip in January 2010.

At FHHH we feel that healthcare is a human rights.  As such we want to ensure that all of those in Haiti who need it will have access to quality and compassionate healthcare.