Tales of Two Clinics

Tales of Two Clinics

Tales of Two Clinics

Three years after its founding members “prise de conscience” (or awakening), making an unwavering commitment to make a difference in the lives of those in need in Haiti, and pledging not to forget the misery that the earthquake had brought to the surface, Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti has achieved two milestones with the construction of a free permanent clinic in Carries, and a partnership and administration of a clinic in Ile A Vaches.


Realizing that after the earthquake, most of the help was concentrated in the capital while a multitude of forgotten people with imaginable needs resided in the outskirt of the city, FHHH conducted its second trip to Carries at the invitation of Lynotte Joseph, a community leader in the area.

During various subsequent visits, which were conducted under makeshift temporary clinics, we were amazed by the long lines, the number of people who had never seen a doctor, the serious pathology, and the inability of the people to afford basic medical care. In 2012, through tireless fundraising and the support of our donors and volunteers, FHHH was able to complete the construction of its first permanent medical facility in Haiti.

The clinic (Centre de Santé de Carries) has 3 examining rooms, a fully stocked pharmacy, a laboratory, a procedure room with recovery area, and a waiting room. Our Haiti-based staff is trained and supported by FHHH members and will have constant access to us using telemedicine modality. Treatment protocols and guidelines for common medical conditions will be prepared by board certified specialists from FHHH to ensure our patients always receive first rate care.

In keeping with out commitment to forging partnership, we have welcomed and shared our facility with other medical groups thereby expanding access to care to the population. These type of partnerships complements the presence of our members between our trips and allows for continuous care in the clinic


At Ile A Vaches, a small island off the southern coast of Haiti, medical access consist of a dispensary managed by the Minister of Health in Madame Bernard, the main city on the island, and a small clinic run by Kakok Foundation on the other side of the island for its 15,000 inhabitants.

FHHH initial intent was to built a clinic on the island; however, after our analysis of the logistic and need of the island, we decided to enter into an agreement with Kakok Foundation that calls for an expansion of the existing facility and the sharing of resources and administration. Pulling our resources will improve, expand, and enhance the services we offer for the greater good of the community.

Under the new agreement, FHHH will assume responsibility for providing services and administration of the new FHHH/Kakok Centre de Santé. In addition, FHHH is contemplating taking over the administration of a school built by Kakok Foundation called “L’Ecole Du Matin” which provides primary education to 300 children on the island.

Through generous grants and donations from organizations such as The Brooklyn Hospital, the Deaconess Community of ELCA, CMMB, Americares, and Brother to Brother, we have realized a lot. There is a lot to do. Our work has only started. We intend to add dental and ophthalmology suits to both facilities, as we want to offer comprehensive care to our patients.

We are presently seeking funds to equip our laboratories, to obtain generators, and for needed expansions to both facilities. We are counting on you to join us in our journey and looking forward to your support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss our project.