Newsletter VII, Winter 2013

Newsletter VII, Winter 2013

Newsletter VII, Winter 2013

2013 Recap

2012 saw the construction of FHHH’s primary care facility in Carries. 2013 was even more memorable because not only did this facility become fully functional, but also our Ile A Vaches clinic became busier and plans for its extension have started. We also conducted our first large scale toy, food and clothes drive. 

In March 2013, we sent a 40 feet container of medical equipment, supplies and furniture for our 2 facilities in Haiti. Our CEO, Dr Emmanuel St Louis is to be commended for his relentless effort in getting our supplies out of custom in Haiti and safely delivered to their destination. We thank all those who donated supplies and helped us pack the container in the cold that weekend in New York. Shortly thereafter, we hired a part time physician to join the full time nurse at our clinic at Carries. FHHH aims to support the medical system in Haiti, not only by providing access to those in need, but also by training, and mentoring local healthcare professionals. Our physician sees both pediatric and adult patients 3 days a week, provides treatment, dispenses medication, and ensures the continuity that is essential to quality care. All this is provided to our patients free of charge. We plan to increase his hours and hire a physician for our Ile a Vaches facility. FHHH conducted multiple medical trips in 2013. In July our pediatrician Dr. Myriam Germain and Dr. Yolaine St.Louis diagnosed a 5 year old with congenital heart disease. Through hard work and collaboration, they were able to arrange for her to have life saving open‐heart surgery in Port au Prince 2 months later. She is now thriving and doing well.

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FHHH’S First Toy Drive!!!!

Upon our return from a trip in Haiti in July 2013, we reflected on how happy the children were to receive a balloon or a small toy after their visit with the doctor. We decided to hold a toy drive in order to brighten the lives of the children in the communities we serve for the Christmas holiday. Little did we know that by spreading the word to our members and volunteers we would have such response. FHHH volunteers such as Maryse Carrie Sajous and Emmanuelle St.Louis Turner especially dedicated themselves to the project and amassed large quantity of toys and clothes. Kathie St.Louis and Christine Mevs spent hours collecting and organizing the cases of food we received. We want to also thank all that contributed, collected, organized, and helped us pack the 20 foot container we sent to Haiti: Frantz Mevs, Philippe Dupont, Raymond Lascase, Carole Guibert, Patricia Brandel, Josiane Czaykowsky, Fanfan Warner, Josiane Adrien, Sabrina BellamyPerrin, Chantal Terlongge, Tarik Turner, Patricio Sosa, Dominique St.Louis Sosa, Alexandra St Louis, Christina St.Louis, Regine Mevs, Clifford Mevs, Lesly St.Louis, Joe Clermont, and all those countless others who donated to our cause. In December in addition to its usual medical trip and clinic visits, FHHH conducted its largest food, clothes, and toys distribution in Carries and Ile a Vaches.

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Our Sincere Thanks

We want to thank all of those who have reached out and helped in our journey. Without your help this amazing trip and all we do would not have been possible.

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We need to continue our work. Join us in our journey. Help us aid those who need so much.

Foundation for Hope and Health in Haiti, FHHH was born form the experiences from our first trip in January 2010.

At FHHH we feel that healthcare is a human right. As such we want to ensure that all of those in Haiti who need it will have access to quality and compassionate healthcare.

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