8 years since the earthquake in
millions still in need

There’s still so much more to do.

Dear Friend, join us in our journey and help us continue our work.

The images may be fading but the suffering and needs are still great. Our Foundation was in Haiti within days after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Eight years after this human tragedy, we are committed more than ever to helping those in need in Haiti. A summary of what we’ve accomplished with your support:

children clinic  clinic
**  We provided free medical care to over 130,000 patients   
**   We donated free medication, clothes, toys and toiletries to thousands.
** We supported local schools and orphanages.
**We supported the communities we serve at times of needs such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
**  We run 2 fully staffed and equipped  facilities in Carries and Ile a Vaches.
**  We  have a robust maternal infantile mortality reduction project including prenatal, deliveries, and post natal care.  
**  We partnered with other health organizations to enhance the care we provide.  Eye care now available for the first time in Ile a Vaches. 
**  FHHH members and volunteers work tirelessly to provide compassionate quality care to thousands and to train and mentor our Haiti based staff.


Let show solidarity with the long-suffering people of Haiti and honor those who perished in the earthquake in January 2010.