Although providing health care is the major part of our commitment, we aim to bring hope as well as health. In Haiti, only 1 out of 3 children entering the first grade will reach the last grade in primary care. At FHHH we believe that only through education can the community prosper and that educating children will ensure that Haiti’s brightest days are ahead. A Child should not stop going to school because he needs to work As such:

  • We fund primary care education for 304 children at L’Ecole du Matin in Ile a Vache. We pay the salaries of the teachers and staff and provide all school supplies
  • We distribute school bags, school supplies and toiletries to the students
  • We arrange for dental teams to provide fluoride treatment, dental hygiene education to area schools in Carries and Ile a Vaches
  • We provide vitamin A, multivitamins, and deworming medications to local schools in both Carries and Ile a Vache
  • We collaborate with area schools to promote health education.
  • We offer immunization clinics through schools to improve vaccination rates of children.
  • We distribute toys to children
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