Fhhh Clinics

FHHH has two fully staffed and functioning clinics with well stocked pharmacies in Carries and Ile a Vaches which provides free medical care 5 days a week. Our clinic in Ile a Vaches offers clinical laboratory and X-ray services and has a procedure and delivery room. The same services will also be available shortly in our Carries Facility.

  • Haiti based staff are trained to provide first-rate primary care.
  • Recurring visits by our US based staff and medical volunteers ensure access to specialized and continuous care. (i.e. dentists, ophthalmologist, cardiologist, dermatologist)
  • Ongoing consultations with our multispecialty members using telecommunication link ensures comprehensive medical care for our patients at all times.
  • Emphasis always placed on health education and disease prevention at all of our facilities.
  • FHHH conducts mass distribution of vitamin A to children less than 5 years as well as deworming medications and multivitamins to school age children
  • We instituted a prenatal and maternal health program
  • We have provided care to 20,000 men, women, and children in our clinics yearly
  • We provide support and healthcare to local orphanages

With the philosophy that learning and training never stops, we ensure that our patients always have the best care available.


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